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About Marky D. Sade

November 5, 2007

There is lot to me. I am a bondage/fetish writer, professionally. I write for many sites, blogs, and social networking sites. It’s an odd job, but I like it, and I’m good at it. This site, Marky D. Sade’s Bondage Blog is a place where people who like good bondage, bdsm, forced orgasms, shibari, femdom, Master, D/s, e-stim, etc. can find quality content without shame, drama, or sifting through tons of trash. I try to present the good stuff, as I see it. I also have some new fetish sites coming online soon,, and

I am a dominant, sexually. I am married to a wonderful, sexy, funny, sweet, kind, loving, brilliantly intelligent woman. She has some sex blogs of her own. and are two that she writes. The interesting thing is that she is a professional femdom, yet when we play (and we don’t always play in sex, sometimes we just have sex) she is my submissive. Fluidity is the key.