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Sarge Ties Up Charlotte Vale On Hogtied (Bondage, Shibari, Forced Orgasms)

September 12, 2008

Bondage blogs love Hogtied (, and Sgt. Major (, because they know that they’re in for a great scene. Charlotte Vale is a beautiful young fetish model that Sarge ties up and forces to cum, over and over. Sarge is known for his crotch rope shibari technique, and he really takes Charlotte Vale to sub [...]

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Marky D. Sade Brings You The Week In Kink #9

September 12, 2008

Sex Blog Picks For The Week! I’ve been trying to decide how to do The Week in Kink now that normally the people I would feature are almost all on One thing I want to try is a call for submissions. Send your best/favorite post to me at [email protected] and I [...]

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Whipped Pussy Features Crotchope and Predicament Bondage This Week (Sadism, BDSM, Shibari)

September 8, 2008

This bondage blog presents you with predicament bondage, as seen above.  Predicament bondage is where the submissive is given two choices, bad or worse. This little slut has a painful crotchrope rubbing against her clit, but the only way to relieve the pain (which she loves) is to sit on the tack filled seat. This [...]

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Annie Cruz Is A Strap-On Pegging Dominatrix On Men In Pain (

August 13, 2008

This bondage blog gives Annie Cruz props for her strap on expertise. The dominatrix makes this sub male suck her cock (black strap on) on Men In Pain (, and then tortures the hell out of him, before milking him dry.  In this Men In Pain scene, Femdom Annie Cruz uses nipple clamps, clothespin zippers, [...]

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Femdom Mz Berlin In Strap-On Pegging Scene On Captive Male (CBT, Bondage, Shibari)

August 7, 2008

Originally Posted On Mz Berlin’s Blog.

I, The Fabulous Mz Berlin has the pleasure of pegging the ass of Ryan Knox, when I was a femdom on Captive Male ( Captive Male is another one of Chanta’s sites, so of course I was delighted. The backstory is simply this. I am the school teacher, and Ryan [...]

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Beverly Hills That’s Who I Want To Fuck. (Bondage, Forced Orgasms, Sex and Submission)

August 3, 2008

This bondage blog loves Sex and Submission ( because they put girls in cages until they agree to be fuck puppets. Beverly Hills is one such girl. James Deen (both n00bs) is the Master who keeps Beverly Hills locked in the floor cage until she submits. Then he puts her head in a stockade, [...]

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Marky D. Sade’s Kinky Week In Kink

August 3, 2008

The weeks sexiest, kinkiest, hottest, blog posts, BDSM scenes, NSFW pics, HNTs, and so much more!  That’s The Week in Kink.  Catalina chooses her favorite blog posts from her blogs and her friends’ blogs and put them here for you kinky people to read.  The Week in Kink is different than The Sugasm because they [...]

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The Week In Kink - Take It All In, You Whore

July 25, 2008

Each week the editor of The Week in Kink chooses two posts from her favorite sex blogs to highlight. It’s so difficult to choose just two.

Catalina Loves:

Catalina loves threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes
Catalina loves the World Erotic Art Museum

Catalina Says:

I’m back, tell me you missed me - I’m an attention whore!

It’s good to be Catalina

The [...]

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The Coolest Bondage Fetish Edgeplay Picture Ever Taken

July 23, 2008

This bondage blog says go NOW to Backdoor Bondage ( This picture is of Sgt. Major grabbing Amber Rayne off the street. This is just a screen capture from the Sarge’s latest escapade.  FANTASY RAPE is a hot niche, and goddamn it, Amber Rayne does it for me. This scene is a masterpiece of shibari, [...]

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Mz Berlin And Jewell Marceau In Knocked Out: A Great Lesbian Femdom Video

July 22, 2008

Originally Posted On My Friend Mz Berlin’s Blog.

I am the fabulous Mz Berlin. Howdy. I make fetish and bondage porn. My latest video is available in my clips store ( and it’s hot. Sexy Jewell Marceau knocks me out and takes advantage of me in wicked ways. She sneaks up on my in my own [...]

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