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Hundreds Of Hardcore BDSM Movies From Whipped Pussy On Clips 4 Sale (

August 31, 2008

Originally Posted On the Hardcore BDSM Whipped Pussy Blog.

Whipped Pussy ( not only is the hardest bdsm site you’ll find, but it has an enormous fetish and bdsm clip store, on Clips 4 Sale. Clips4Sale is the iTunes of porn, and Whipped Pussy is the coolest channel on it. There are hundreds of scenes, in [...]

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It’s Sugasm Time Again!

August 28, 2008

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #145? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form.
This Week’s Picks
Bush Rides Again: Birth Control Defined as “Abortion”?
“The reason you tweak laws, redefining them or [...]

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Marky D. Sade and Catalina Join FetLife As The Marketing Team

August 25, 2008

It’s official. Catalina and I have accepted a proposal to work with as their marketing department. We are actively seeking new relationships with companies, large and small, who are interested in advertising their products or events on the best fetish social networking site. What makes the best adult, fetish, kinky, social [...]

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Lesbian Femdom Threesome With Flogging, Restraint, And Impact Play On (BDSM,

August 24, 2008

Bondage blogs know bondage, right? Well, hardcore bondage blogs know hardcore bondage, and goddamn! Whipped-Pussy ( is amazing. used to be the standard bearer for really rough, sadistic bdsm stuff. The really visceral, raw, but artistic in its execution.
Kink for grown ups I guess is the phrase I’m looking for.  Another phrase I would [...]

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Marky D. Sade Is In The Week In Kink # 8b

August 23, 2008 - Side-by-Side, Start-to-Finish Photographic Workshops

Last week I took the easy way out and sent you to  This week I did my homework!  I included blogs that aren’t on  Of course I’ll start with a synopsis of our own blogs.  We haven’t been writing as much of our own content - this week [...]

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Fund Raising Raffle For My Daughter’s Education (and against discrimination): Prizes Are Signed, Limited Edition Lochai Prints.

August 11, 2008

This is the text from my wife, Catalina’s, blog. I’m too angry to write anything as eloquent.
I’ve never discussed this on my blog before, but recent developments have prompted me to discuss the reason why I’m no longer a teacher. Being Catalina isn’t always a good thing. I separated early this year with [...]

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My Interview With Fetish Model, Pro-Domme, Switch, And Rigger Claire Adams

August 6, 2008

This bondage blog loves Claire Adams. She’s the sexy domme and shibari rigger for’s best sites, like Whipped Ass, The Training Of O, as well as the Insex inspired Whipped-Pussy ( She’s an amazing submissive for the Sarge on his site Back Door Bondage (,  as well as a top shelf fetish model on [...]

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Fetish Model Satine Phoenix Flogged, Tied Up And Gagged On Fucked And Bound (Bondage, D/s,

August 2, 2008

Originally Posted On Satine Phoenix’s Blog.

Satine Phoenix, pornSLUTkitty, fetish model stars in this hot bondage session on Fucked and Bound (  Satine is dominated by TJ Cummings, who uses rope and metal spreader bars to make Satine into a helpless submissive. He flogs her, uses a variety of gags, from a ball gag to an [...]

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First Time BDSM Slut Gets In Over Her Head On Whipped Pussy (Bondage, Clips4sale,

July 31, 2008

Originally Posted On

This hardcore bdsm blog wants you to get the best in hardcore sadism, impact play bondage you can get. That, my friends, is what Whipped Pussy ( gives you. Now, you can watch this lovely clip of younge fetish model experiencing sexual pain and bondage for the first time. Just look at [...]

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Famed Dom Sgt. Major Brings His Slutty Friends To Backdoor Bondage (BDSM, Impact Play,

July 30, 2008

Sgt. Major (Sarge) of fame has his own site, Backdoor Bondage (, which has everything you love about Sarge, and more. Impact play, forced orgasms, rope bondage (shibari), predicament bondage, abduction play, and… get this… a rape van for simulated rape fantasies. Back Door Bondage is where you can get a little edgier, harder [...]

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