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Madison Young And Audrey Leigh Fuck Slave Boy On Captive Male (Bondage, Femdom,

February 29, 2008

This bondage blog loves Madison Young. I’ve only ever seen her as a submissive, so it was a treat to see her on Captive Male ( with Audrey Leigh, in a dual domme role. Their slaveboy, Lefty, is forced to worship Audrey Leigh’s feet before being fucked in the ass with a strap-on by Leigh, [...]

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Submissive Asian In Shibari Bondage Pour Hot Wax On Herself (waxplay,

February 28, 2008

This bondage blog loves shibari. You can see that. Rope Rookie ( is my favorite rope bondage site. They recently added a series of shoots with this beautiful Asian model, and I love them all. In this shoot she is bound with hemp twine (sensation play at work) and then she pours hot wax on [...]

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Device Bondage Puts Sara Faye Through A Six Hour LIVE Scene (

February 28, 2008

 This bondage blog thinks Device Bondage ( and Sara Faye, make a great pairing. Predicament bondage is a specialty with Device Bondage, as are forced orgasms, and spreader bars. One thing about this scene, which was from a six hour live show that members could be part of, is that the Master took a pair [...]

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Pain Slut Delilah Strong Gets Fucked And Bound (Bondage, Humiliation,

February 27, 2008

This bondage blog knows that Delilah Strong is an extreme submissive, who gets off on humiliation. Fucked and Bound ( took advantage of that trait in the scene shown above. If you like bondage, forced orgasms, shibari, flogging, or anything of that ilk, then take a look at Fucked and Bound. It’s really, really good, [...]

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Hot Black Woman Tied Up, Tickled And Forced To Cum On (Bondage, Shibari, Forced Orgasms)

February 26, 2008

This bondage blog thinks Hogtied ( is the best bondage and forced orgasm site out there. has a ton of sites, and they’re all great, but takes the cake. This lovely busty black woman endures forced orgasms galore. Look at the before (top) and after (bottom) and see the progression. Hogtied has good [...]

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Chained, Bound, And Fucked Hard On Sex And Submission (Bondage, Shibari,

February 26, 2008

This bondage blog loves submissive women. Sex and Submission ( is nothing but women being tied up, chained up, gagged, spanked, and rough sex. I am by nature dominant, at least sexually. I love strong women, I just love being stronger. Sex and Submission is one of my favorite sites, because it’s from and [...]

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Sugasm 120 Will Leave You Wanting More

February 26, 2008

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #121? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.
This Week’s Picks
The Ache [...]

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Mz. Berlin Finishes Slave Training With Forced Orgasms, And A MMF Threesome (Bondage, The

February 25, 2008

You know that Mz. Berlin is a favorite of this bondage blog.  She’s become quite a good friend to both myself and my wife, Catalina. The Training Of O ( has been showing her submissive training, last time with Madison Young. This time, her training is at an end, and she is caned, suspended with [...]

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Bondage Movie: Bound And Delivered (Bondage Pay Per View, Anastasia Pierce)

February 25, 2008

This bondage blog loves Anastasia Pierce’s movies. She is so beautiful, and her bondage, femdom, and fetish work is always incredible. Bound And Delivered features Anastasia Pierce as the star, producer, and director.  She plays a delivery person who hurts her ankle while working. A customer helps her lay down, and then the fun begins. [...]

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Dragonlily Stretches The Ass Of Her Slaveboy On Captive Male. (Bondage, Femdom, Strap-On,

February 24, 2008

This bondage blog knows you love Captive Male ( and Mistress DragonLily, so you’re going to love this femdom cbt scene. DragonLily is a pro at CBT, to the wincing delight of David, her slaveboy.  She stretches his ass, after torturing his cock and balls, with a huge strap-on until she milks him dry. He [...]

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