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Free Hardcore Bondage Videos From

May 31, 2008

This bondage blog doesn’t lie. Free Hardcore ( is a video gallery with every site in one place. All the video previews from all sites are here. Consider this a Country Kitchen Buffet for bondage porn. Enjoy!

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Breath Play Video: So Low- Autoerotic Self Asphyxiation (Choking, Masturbation, Video On Demand)

May 31, 2008

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This fetish blog loves breath play, breath control, suffocation bondage, erotic choking… you name it. Well. My Video On Demand Theater has a movie for those who love a little edgeplay. So Low is an all girl masturbation movie, in which the women all use various means to control [...]

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Harmony Rose Trains and Strap-On Fucks Military Recruit On Captive Male (Femdom, Bondage, Strap-On Pegging,

May 31, 2008

This bondage blog knows you want a strong woman to fuck you in the ass. It’s ok. Lots of guys do. We can’t all be doms. Captive Male ( has great femdom content, including shibari rope bondage, cbt (cock and ball torture), and some of the most intense strap-on fucking you’ll find. This week, Harmony [...]

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January Seraph Forced To Cum On Chanta’s Bitches (Bondage, Shibari,

May 30, 2008

This bondage blog loves January Seraph, and Chanta’s Bitches ( as well. Femdom Mistress Chanta takes January to her limits with painful shibari rope bondage, breast and nipple torture, delicious hot wax play, and (of course) the knockout combo of the Hitachi Magic Wand (get one,) and a strap-on.  January is so fucking hot it [...]

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Men In Pain Features Penny Flame, A Glory Hole, And Much Spanking (Bondage, Femdom,

May 29, 2008

This bondage blog loves a sweet dominatrix, and Penny Flame make me smile. Men In Pain ( has a scene with Penny Flame and a naughty schoolboy. Penny spanks him while chiding him for looking at her tits. The thing that made this scene stand out, aside from the lack of strap-on pegging, is the [...]

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Samantha Sin Tied And Forced To Cum By Mistress Claire Adams (Bondage, Shibari,

May 28, 2008

This bondage blog loves Hogtied (, and Claire Adams. Mistress Claire does all her own rope work, you know. Samantha Sin learned that first hand, in this scene. I love nipple torture, and breast binding, and this scene has sexy Samantha Sin’s boobs bound up tight, and weights hung from her nipples. The slut loves [...]

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My Lovely Wife Made The Top Three For Sugasm #133! (

May 27, 2008

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #134? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.
This Week’s Picks
Giving a Damn
“Something [...]

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Intense CBT And Strap-On Pegging On Captive Male (Bondage, Femdom,

May 27, 2008

This bondage blog knows you love cock and ball torture, hard, strap-on assplay, and merciless femdoms, dommes, dominas… call them what you will. Captive Male ( has incredibly intense sub male sessions, with some of the industries hottest Mistresses. Nika Noire goes to town on sissy Kade in this scene. He can’t even keep a [...]

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Bondage Threesome With Sara Faye, Amber Rayne, And Device Bondage (Forced Orgasms, Shibari,

May 26, 2008

This bondage blog loves threesomes, and Device Bondage ( delivers. Sgt. Major has both Sara Faye, and Amber Rayne kneeling before him. He wastes no time dominating them and giving them cock to worship, as seen in the picture above. The girls take turns with the dildo gag, and various metal and rope restraints. I [...]

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Jade Marxxx Shocked And Forced Orgasms In Lesbian Bondage Threesome (Electrical Play,

May 25, 2008

This bondage blog loves things that cum in threes. Wired Pussy ( has a great lesbian threesome scene involving Annette Schwartz, Jade Marxxx, and a third domme, that is crazy hot and intense. The forced orgasms are plentiful, as at one point Jade Marxxx actually has one of the women standing on her chest to [...]

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