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Sgt. Major Makes Claire Adams Submit And Cum On Backdoor Bondage (Shibari, BDSM,

June 12, 2008

“This is your dream, remember? Enjoy it.”  This is what Sgt. Major tells Claire Adams, who in this scene is a submissive, before tying her up, and punching her ass until she cums. Backdoor Bondage ( is the home base of Sgt. Major, one of the Doms from  I’m so glad he brought this [...]

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Harmony Rose Is Caned, Fucked, And Forced To Cum On The Training Of O (Bondage, Encasement Fetish)

June 9, 2008

This bondage blog loves Harmony Rose. You’ve seen her as a cruel dominatrix, forcing her slave boys to suck cock, but this time she’s the slave. Harmony Rose is being trained to be a submissive on The Training Of O (, and she’s great. Forced orgasms are great positive reinforcement.  You can see the pride [...]

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Two Busty Redhead Femdoms In CBT, Pegging, and Strap On Pegging With Rubber Slave Boy

June 7, 2008

“Hum when I’m on your face! Sing me a fucking song!” is what Mz. Berlin tells subby rubbertoy in this hot dominatrix scene from Captive Male. Mz. Berlin has brought Miss Sabrina Fox to the session, and both hot redheads tear into rubbertoy like he was… a toy. They torture his cock and balls in [...]

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OTK Lesbian Spanking On Punish Me (Bondage, Femdom,

February 13, 2008

This bondage blog would kill to hold that paddle. I love a good spanking. Punish Me ( is one of the ten billion adult sites offered by Niche Pass. I can’t vouch for the decor, but the bondage, I’m sorry, femdom lesbian bondage is top notch. If you’re looking for a site to join, to [...]

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Alexa Von Tess Bound, Caned, Flogged, And Forced To Cum On Device Bondage (Fetish, Forced Orgasms)

February 8, 2008

This bondage blog digs erotic mummification. In this scene from Device Bondage (, Alexa Von Tess is bound to a pole and perch, flogged, caned (her ass jiggles beautifully) and forced to cum. Then she has a ball gag put on, while being shocked on the soles of her feet with a cattle prod. Yes, [...]

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Kinky Movie: Teacher’s Pet (Adult VOD, Bondage, Femdom, Mz. Berlin, Anastasia Pierce)

February 7, 2008

 This bondage blog loves Mz. Berlin. I love Anastasia Pierce too, so when I found Teacher’s Pet in the Adult Video On Demand Dungeon ( I was cleaning out the drains), I went yay! I met Mz Berlin yesterday, online, and we hit it off. I like her. A lot. Ergo… you.  Go to the [...]

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Kinky Movie: Ariel’s Submission (Adult VOD, Bondage, Femdom, Ariel X, Anastasia Pierce)

February 4, 2008

My Adult Video On Demand Theater has 70,000 full length movies. This bondage blog wants to show you one. Ariel’s Submission stars Ariel X (who is featured in today’s Fucking Machines post) who gets seduced and dominated by Anastasia Pierce, one of the most beautiful bondage talents around. Ariel X is caught wearing Mistress’ shoes. [...]

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Andy San Dimas Is Played Like A Bondage Piano. Her Screams Are The Music. (, Forced Orgasms, Electric Play)

February 3, 2008

This bondage blog presents newcomer Andy San Dimas, shocked, shackled, and forced to cum, on Device Bondage (  A cattle prod is used to shock San Dimas as she is bound, helpless and panting, waiting for the next jolt. Then she has clamps put on her tender inner thighs, and attached to those clamps… rods. [...]

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Kinky Movie: Committed (Chanta Rose, Madison Young, Ian Rath)

January 30, 2008

This bondage blog found a great bondage movie for you. In my adult Video On Demand Theater, or VOD, you can watch a full length movie with Mistress Chanta Rose, of Chanta’s Bitches, Master Ian Rath, and Submissive redhead Madison Young.  The movie is called Committed and it’s hot. Super hot. If you like Chanta’s [...]

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Forced Orgasms And Machine Sex With Gina Caruso (Bondage, Caning,

January 26, 2008

 This bondage blog loves a good spanking, and I use the term spanking to include caning, flogging, and paddling. Device Bondage ( is great because in between the forced orgasms, and exotic rigging, and sets, you’ll see asses getting punished, and it’s hot. I love photo above, catching the moment of impact… truly lovely. If [...]

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