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Fetish Model Satine Phoenix Is Tied Up, Tortured, & Forced To Suck Cock On Sex And Submission (Bondage,

September 20, 2008

This bondage blog found a very hot, intense, bondage scene on Sex and Submission (, starring Satine Phoenix and Mark Davis.  Satine Phoenix endures some device bondage, forced cocksucking, nipple torture, and of course, forced orgasms, at the hands of Mark Davis. I love this scene. Satine really throws herself into it, and the action [...]

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Sgt. Major From Hogtied & Backdoor Bondage Has His Own Bondage Blog

September 14, 2008

My good friend, Sarge, the masked Master from and Backdoor Bondage ( has entered the blogosphere. is where Sarge goes to write about his shoots, the girls he works with, and even to publish some of his bondage fiction. Here’s a post from the first week of Sarge’s blog.

Charlotte Vale looks on as [...]

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Sarge Ties Up Charlotte Vale On Hogtied (Bondage, Shibari, Forced Orgasms)

September 12, 2008

Bondage blogs love Hogtied (, and Sgt. Major (, because they know that they’re in for a great scene. Charlotte Vale is a beautiful young fetish model that Sarge ties up and forces to cum, over and over. Sarge is known for his crotch rope shibari technique, and he really takes Charlotte Vale to sub [...]

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Naughty Nurse Audrey Leigh In Lezdom, Medical Fetish Scene On Chanta’s Bitches

September 11, 2008

This bondage blog found some hot slutty nurse action on Chanta’s Bitches (, and if you like femdom, lezdom, or have a nurse or medical fetish, you will dig this scene with Audrey Leigh as a naughty nurse. Kristine is having trouble showing emotion, show Audrey Leigh uses shibari, e-stim play, and finally a rough [...]

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The Sarge And Backdoor Bondage Have Great Impact Play And Hogtied Style Bondage Content

August 29, 2008

Sgt. Major, who you know from, and other sites, has his own bondage site. Backdoor Bondage ( is the new HQ for Sarge.  The lovely Maya Matthews (above) is Sarge’s princess, and he takes good care of her. Sarge has quite an eye, and his site has some of the most compelling bondage [...]

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Femdom Mz Berlin Dominates And Fucks Delilah Strong’s Little Sister On Chanta’s Bitches (BDSM, Lezdom, Strap On)

August 29, 2008

This bondage blog didn’t know Delilah Strong had a sister. Mz Berlin did apparently. Daisy Strong gets schooled in bondage by the famous femdom, on Chanta’s Bitches (  Mz Berlin tortures Daisy’s nipple with clover clamps, before tying her up and forcing her to suck the big strap on cock… the same cock Berlin fucks [...]

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Marky D. Sade Is In The Week In Kink # 8b

August 23, 2008 - Side-by-Side, Start-to-Finish Photographic Workshops

Last week I took the easy way out and sent you to  This week I did my homework!  I included blogs that aren’t on  Of course I’ll start with a synopsis of our own blogs.  We haven’t been writing as much of our own content - this week [...]

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Sgt Major Makes Jade Marxxx Beg For Pain On Backdoor Bondage (BDSM, Forced Orgasms,

August 19, 2008

Bondage blogs love porn like this. Sgt Major, or Sarge, pinching the nipples of fetish model Jade Marxxx, is a thing of wonder. You know Sarge from sites like Hogtied, but he has his own space for pain, Backdoor Bondage ( If you like Hogtied, The Training Of O, Device Bondage, etc. then you [...]

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Alexa Von Tess In Breast Binding, Shibari, Forced Orgasm Bondage On Sex And Submission.

August 18, 2008

I wouldn’t have a bondage blog without showing girls getting tied up and fucked. Alexa Von Tess is the girl on this week’s Sex and Submission (, and I like her. The Master treats her tits and nipples roughly (a favorite), and Alexa Von Tess takes to it as a slut should. Predicament bondage, ball [...]

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Madison Young Gets Hogtied And Forced To Cum On (Bondage, Forced Orgasms, Shibari)

August 17, 2008

This bondage blog is crazy for Madison Young. She’s an amazing submissive. In this scene from Hogtied (, Madison Young is abducted by a cloaked Dom, and tied up in elaborate shibari rigging, including a lovely full suspension. My favorite quote from this amazingly hot scene? “If you wanna breathe, you have to cum!”  Madison [...]

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