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Marky D. Sade Is In The Week In Kink # 8b

August 23, 2008 - Side-by-Side, Start-to-Finish Photographic Workshops - Side-by-Side, Start-to-Finish Photographic Workshops

Last week I took the easy way out and sent you to  This week I did my homework!  I included blogs that aren’t on  Of course I’ll start with a synopsis of our own blogs.  We haven’t been writing as much of our own content - this week we became the marketing department for  If you haven’t checked out Fetlife yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s the best social networking site for kinky people just like you!

This week’s Week In Kink is brought to you by the caffeine and nicotine keeping me awake to write it.

Catalina Loves:

Catalina Says:

Mr. and Mrs.

Sgt. Major’s Briefing Room:

Mz Berlin’s Blog:

Satine Phoenix’s Blog:

Lady Sascha, Cocktease Extraordinaire:

Waking Vixen:

Marky D. Sade’s Bondage Blog:

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