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September 19, 2008

Big Momma by Altered Aperture (

Big Momma by Altered Aperture (

Imagine 12 of NYC’s best sex-positive writers, educators, and film makers working on the same project for a good cause - all proceeds benefit Audacia Ray’s Sex Work Awareness Project. The NYC Sex Bloggers 2009 Calendar Project has officially been launched. The theme: NYC style burlesque and pin-up. What began as as a little “what if…” has materialized into a project that is underway and on schedule for release soon!

So who are these dynamic women I’m going on about? They are

Oh, and a contest! I love contests because I love to give things away!!
The first 7 bloggers to write a post on your blog that sends people to the NYC Calendar Project: and send the link to me ([email protected]) will each win a day on the calendar. In other words, instead of “buying a day”, you can have your blog url on your day, or any personal message - you can wish them luck or send a greeting to your favorite blogger (me) or celebrate your birthday or anniversary - up to 80 characters will be printed on your day.

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Redhead Fetish Model Mz Berlin In A Kinky Medical Bondage Scene With Ashley Renee

September 18, 2008

This bondage blog has a thing for hot redheads. Mz Berlin is one such hot redhead. She sent me this image last night, and told me that she had updated her Clips4Sale store… to which I said, “Yay.” Ashley Renee and Mz Berlin do this crazy hot medical fetish scene, a la lezdom. I love nipple torture. I love nipples. Here’s what you have going on in this clip., from Mz Berlin herself.

Dressed in a red latex catsuit and a black latex cincher and Ashley Renee in full bondage and latex as well, I continue to fuck with her painful nipple stretching clamps. But I want to get back to the clamps on her pussy, so after she begs I remove the nipple clamps. She screams and moans through her tight ring gag. I then force her to cum with a powerful vibrator with the cunt clamps on. After she’s suffered enough, I remove the clamps and smack her pussy before leaving her to struggle in her bondage.

It’s nuts. Mz Berlin knows how to do bondage, as a top or a bottom, she’s 100% committed, and it shows.

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It’s Not BDSM, But’s Audacia Ray’s Movie: Dacia’s Love Machine Is Hilarious

September 17, 2008

This is a repost from our blog network. Audacia Ray has made a very funny, very silly movie about a fucking machine that she’s trying to give away on Craigslist. It’s not this bondage blogs normal fare, but it’s good stuff, so I hope you’ll take a look. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the porn I hawk. Enjoy

Audacia Ray’s new short film, “Dacia’s Love Machine” has been released! The 25-minute director’s cut is available online in .mp4 and .flv and is only $2.99 to download. Pathetic, but true fact, downloading this film costs less than the gas it would take to drive to my nearest Starbucks to hang out with a friend over coffee.

I have seen it and it is hilarious. Obviously it’s a movie about a fucking machine, but ultimately it’s a comedy and the fucking machine is really the star.

You see, Dacia originally received the Love Machine to review. As I recall, it was something along the lines of her orgasm being in spite of, not the result of the Love Machine and so she was less than thrilled to have it laying around her house, so she put an ad on Craigslist:

Sex machine for sale (not a person, an actual machine) - w4mw - 27
Date: 2007-12-03, 9:37PM EST

So I’m a sex toy reviewer, and a little over a year ago I acquired a fucking machine to review (Topco brand, it retails at $395). It’s kinda big, and I really want it out of my apartment. It has all but one attachment (the one I used, which I will throw away), and technically it is lightly used.

Yes, it’s true, I’m trying to sell my lightly used sex machine on CL. I’m asking $100 for it, you come pick it and get it out of my life. It’s manageable to get it on the subway (probably easier with two people), but I recommend wrapping the box in brown paper or something, since it has pictures and words that will make your package very obvious.

CL doesn’t allow me to post the link to the review, but go to fleshbot[dot]com and search “Marital Aid Test Kitchen: The Fucking Love Machine,” and scroll down to the bottom of the page - the review was posted on October 20, 2006.

She filters through the responses, some of which are so outlandish that I had to ask her, “Did people really respond that way?” To which she replied, “Yes, all of those responses are genuine!” WOW! A study in strange humanology, but I love to peek through the door of the crazy world in which we live. Human nature only gets more and more curious as people stop by to look at the machine in person.

Click the picture to go to and download the movie. The first twenty five people who buy the download get a free sex toy courtesy of EdenFantasys - you have your choice between a pocket rocket and a masturbation sleeve.

Seriously, I personally guarantee you that this will be the best $3.00 you spent today ($2.99, actually). Marky and I got to preview the film and we both thought it was clever, funny, curious, voyeuristic, entertaining, and did I mention funny? Now go! Enjoy 25 minutes of unique entertainment.

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Fetish Model Mz Berlin In Her Only Anal Scene Ever, As Seen On Fucked And Bound (Bondage, Shibari)

September 16, 2008

This bondage blog has some cool fetish friends, and Mz Berlin would have to be at the top of that list. Mz Berlins Blog is written by the girl herself, and this post is a good one. She’s reminiscing about her ONLY ANAL scene, which was in Fucked and Bound ( Give it reed. Subscribe to her feed.

I (the Fabulous Mz Berlin) want to share my ONLY ANAL EVER.  It’s from Fucked and Bound ( and the very able Dom, TJ Cummings took me over the edge.  I had a good time, was my first b/g since The Training Of O, which had b/b/g and g/g/b, but no b/g. Shoot had really good chemistry and the bondage really tough. Elbows together, an amazing suspension.  I thought you all might like to see this.  Fucked and Bound always has the good stuff.  As always, keep reading, and BUY MY PORN!!! I MADE IT FOR YOU!!!

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Femdom Claire Adams Ties Up Fetish Model Lorelei, And Starts Needle Play and Breast Binding On Whipped-Pussy

September 15, 2008

Claire Adams is one of the hottest femdoms around, and she’s an irresistible sub as well. This bondage blog loves this scene she did for Whipped-Pussy (  She is not bound by the rules of, and can really lay on the pain, using acupuncture needles on the lovely Lorelei, whose breasts are bound tightly, by Claire’s superior rigging. If you like pain, and real, Insex-style, hardcore bdsm… heavy on the sadism, then you should really look into Whipped-Pussy. They’re the real deal. Enjoy.

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Sgt. Major From Hogtied & Backdoor Bondage Has His Own Bondage Blog

September 14, 2008

My good friend, Sarge, the masked Master from and Backdoor Bondage ( has entered the blogosphere. is where Sarge goes to write about his shoots, the girls he works with, and even to publish some of his bondage fiction. Here’s a post from the first week of Sarge’s blog.

Charlotte Vale looks on as she knows what is coming her way. If you could rub your hand between those fleshy thighs you would recover a moist hand indeed. Ms. Charlotte is a real life BDSM girl and a collared sub. Normally she is not the type of body style I go after but the little bitch gave me serious wood during our shoot. I love it when the bitches love pain and want to please, when they suffer for me it is a personal gift.

Can you believe that during her training of “O” some fucking asshole wrote in and said she was fat and was totally disrespectful to her. I try to stay out of those dumb fucking forums on kink but that pissed me off so much Maya actually wrote in and called the guy an inch dick. Opinions are needed but so is the respect for the girls who give us a chance to fly at the heights of their suffering. Its s sweet science really quite simple. Most of these bitches want to feel safe when they lose control and most have serious daddy issues. Give them a safe base a strong loving hand and make them laugh a great deal and they tend to fall in love, well Maya did anyway. Lucky for me I guess, she really is more then I deserve on any given day. This morning as I write this I am reminded of last night when I sat there writing out bills getting in a more and more pissed off mood by the minute. Sitting less than five feet from me was a very beautiful exotic bondage model more than half my age young, willing to do anything sexually to please me. And there I sat pissed off because of the amount of bills I had to pay. What a dumb fuck, I should have bent that little teenaged ass over my desk and drilled my sweet Maya hard and deep. Some guys, go figure.

If you want to see more hardcore hogtied style BDSM, visit my site or my Clips4Sale store.

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Sarge Ties Up Charlotte Vale On Hogtied (Bondage, Shibari, Forced Orgasms)

September 12, 2008

Bondage blogs love Hogtied (, and Sgt. Major (, because they know that they’re in for a great scene. Charlotte Vale is a beautiful young fetish model that Sarge ties up and forces to cum, over and over. Sarge is known for his crotch rope shibari technique, and he really takes Charlotte Vale to sub space, where all sluts belong. Hogtied is my number one search term, and has been since the start. The reason is that Hogtied never sucks. Artist, Photographer, and Bondage Rigger Lochai has taken that site over, and I bet it will be even better. Sarge has his HQ at Backdoor Bondage, where you can see him take the action a step further than you’ll see on Hogtied, or you can go to Hogtied and see all the great content you’ve heard about for more than ten years. Enjoy. 

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Marky D. Sade Brings You The Week In Kink #9

September 12, 2008

Sex Blog Picks For The Week! I’ve been trying to decide how to do The Week in Kink now that normally the people I would feature are almost all on One thing I want to try is a call for submissions. Send your best/favorite post to me at [email protected] and I will take a look at it. If it passes the Catalina loves… test, then I’ll use it in The Week In Kink, which is posted at and cross-posted all over teh internets.

The Accidental Blowjob:

The Femmes Guide:

Mz Berlin’s Blog:

Lady Sascha’s Blog:

::psst… for more hot sex blog links go to

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Naughty Nurse Audrey Leigh In Lezdom, Medical Fetish Scene On Chanta’s Bitches

September 11, 2008

This bondage blog found some hot slutty nurse action on Chanta’s Bitches (, and if you like femdom, lezdom, or have a nurse or medical fetish, you will dig this scene with Audrey Leigh as a naughty nurse. Kristine is having trouble showing emotion, show Audrey Leigh uses shibari, e-stim play, and finally a rough strap-on fucking to bring Kristine out of her shell. Shattered and completely submissive, Kristine realizes that her purpose in life is to be a slut and a whore, and piece of meat, at the whim of Nurse Audrey. Forced Orgasms and humiliation create a whole different girl, raw and broken. Chanta’s Bitches is a great lesbian bondage site, and I say that you should take a look. Enjoy.

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Audacia Ray Is Nice Enough To Give You Boobies In Her Live Girl Revue

September 11, 2008

This sexy girl is Audacia Ray. This post is taken from the blog of another sexy girl, my wife, and everyone’s favorite slut, Catalina.

Photo from

Well, it’s no secret that I <3 Audacia Ray - in fact, we’re working together on a couple of very cool projects and trust me, you’ll be the first to hear about them!  I’m nearly bursting at the seams as I write this because I want to tell you all the neato things we have up our sleeve(s).  Until then, I’ve got your Dacia fix!  Live Girl Review Episode 3 is up and ready for you! ::Click the pic:: Here’s what you’ll find:


(whose website URL I just have to point out because its hilarious: Ha!)

One Hot Minute
Because I reviewed two books about open relationships, Jamye Waxman decided to share a few tips about how to have a happy threesome.

Bad Press
Here’s why you should think twice about a vaginoplasty - put those muscles to work instead!

Fan Girl Moment
I get fan girly on Marisa DiMattia of tattoo couture blog Needled. She talks all about sex and tattoos and the study she’s been doing on the subject - you can read more about the study in her column Erotic Ink over on Suicide Girls.

This episode’s give aways will go to one lucky commenter who must come on over to the post on Live Girl Review to drop their words of wisdom - not top five or top ten, but anyone who comments before the next episode goes up. The winner will get: a copy of Hospital plus Ellen Forney’s Lust (comics inspired by personal ads).

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