Here. 70,000 VOD Theater (Video On Demand)

Posted by admin on November 10th, 2007 filed in Kinky Movies, Video On Demand

Originally Written By Me, On Catalina Loves (My wife’s sex blog.)


You know what I realized? I’ve had for weeks now, I haven’t really explained that I have an entire Video On Demand Theater. Who cares, and what’s that mean, you ask?

Well, it means that you can watch 70,000 full length movies, on your computer. Yes, it costs money, but grow up. You can always find free porn, always. But, you’re an adult, you know what you like. If you’re reading my blog, you’re even a little kinky (or a lot!).

So, I got a Video On Demand Theater for you. Here’s why it’s good, even though it costs money.


  1. Although you can find free porn online, it is much rarer to encounter kinky, or fetish porn for free. If you want to watch a hot femdom movie (1603 titles), or a spanking video (2073 titles), then you have to look harder, and settle for less. If you want to watch an entire movie featuring strap-on sex, or prostate massage, you can choose from hundreds.
  2. Anonymity. Some of us are in situations where they need to cover their tracks, online. By watching movies in the VOD Theater, the links open in your media player of choice, so your spouse, boss, or kids won’t find out your penchant for ass-to-mouth porn (of which I have 500 titles.)
  3. Legitimacy. Porn is only sleazy and shady if you treat it as such. You don’t steal bread when you can afford it, right?
  4. 70,000 movies. No matter what you’re into, you will find it here. For real. I have pedal pumping, pissing, and pony play. And that’s just the P’s. I have your kink.

So go on over to my Video On Demand Theater, and take a look around. If there’s something you want to see, watch it. It won’t cost more than a trip to Starbucks, and you have so much choice.

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