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Posted by admin on November 10th, 2007 filed in Kinky Thinky, Sexy Writing

I wrote this, this week, on my Kink For Yourself Blog.

Well, I’m a little curious. Last week I gave you a little insight into the kinkiness w/in my marriage. I think, I think, I want you guys to spill the beans. Nothing major, but… I think everyone has a kinky side.  It may reside in the world of form, or it may reside in the floating world. Of course there are eight billion of us, so (statistically speaking) some of really are completely sexually vanilla, or even sexually null. For the purposes of this epistle, let’s consider those traits kinks as well, since they deviate from the mean, as well.
Okey dokey.
We know that lots of us like spanking, or being spanked.
We know that some of us like being called a whore, or a slut. :)
Let’s talk a little more fetish, but also a little less intense.
Who likes feet? Foot fetish (aretifism) is the most common fetish, although I would say that stockings/garters would beat them.  Stockings are indeed considered a niche fetish, in the world of porn, although I think Victoria’s Secret has assimilated that niche into the mainstream.
That happens. Remember when a girl who took it in the ass was like finding a four leaf clover? I actually have a friend who once told me he would never marry a girl who swallowed.  What? He didn’t want to have a woman like that as a wife. That was in the mid 90’s. I know. Me too.
What about guys taking it in the ass.
(crickets crickets crickets)
Yeah. That can hush up a room of men pretty quickly. But… look at Craigslist and see the legions of men who want it in the ass. From women, from men, from both. I am a fetish writer, and I work in porn, and I see the HUGE NUMBERS of strap-on movies sold online, in the Video On Demand Theaters. You wouldn’t believe the money. More than a million a month. Yup.
What’s that mean?
It means that guys like having their asses played with. It also means that they’re more comfortable hooking up with strangers, or call girls, than discussing it with the women in their lives. That’s stupid.
Here, in the floating world, where we craft our own personae, you can tell me. Next week I’ll tell you more about myself, ok?
For now, just let me know what you think about your own fantasy/fetish/kinky side. Even if it’s silly. Of course it’s silly. Sex is the silliest thing there is, except for Truck Balls.
What’s your kink?
(I won’t tell)

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