Shocking - Electric Forced Orgasms In My Video On Demand Theater

Posted by admin on January 12th, 2008 filed in Forced Orgasms, Toys Tools and Treasures, Video On Demand


This bondage blog has a Video On Demand Theater. That theater has 70,000 full length movies. Today the theme is forced orgasms and electro-stim, a la Wired Pussy.  Well, I have Hogtied movies, and I have Fucking Machines movies, but I don’t have any Wired Pussy movies, so I give you Shocking. Yes, it’s low tech. That’s how you know it doesn’t suck. Production porn is horrible. Real fetish and bondage porn is going to have some grit, or at least some pixelation.  Shocking is real, and it’s real hot. Michael Kahn may have low production values, but the content is what it’s about, and he has it down. It’s just scene after scene of hot young women getting shocked by violet wands, TENS units, and all manners of e-stim toys. The orgasms are so real, you can almost smell the ozone. If you are turned on my electrical play, and/or forced orgasms, then take a chance on Shocking. You can gamble five bucks and see if you like it. If not… you’re out five bucks. Whoopee. If you like it, then… you got off cheap, my friend. There’s a whole world of porn in my VOD Theater. Try it out.

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