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Marky D Sade Shares The Good Things With You

July 26, 2008

"Catalina's Penthouse Bondage", Rigging and Photography by Ms. Nikki Nefarious

"Catalina's Penthouse Bondage", Rigging and Photography by Ms. Nikki Nefarious

This week’s Good Things List is packed full of as many good things as I could find for you. Some are free, some are not. Everything on here I hand-picked myself and I recommend. It’s not bullshit, it’s not clever advertising, it’s just that I’m an opinionated person and I think that people should know about the good things that I find. That’s all.

A Good Blog To Read

Naughty Secretary writes a very hot blog. She is a natural born writer, it just pours out of her and what she ends up with is eloquent and perfect every single time. She caught my attention and now we are close. I consider her my Naughty Secretary, as she has taken on the position willingly. I’m not just sending you there because NS is fucking hot, nor am I sending you there just because she wrote this post about me, but it certainly didn’t hurt her case either!

A Good Dildo

I’m way into glass / pyrex dildos these days. I talked before about the Cyberglass Felicity. This time I’m recommending the Pleasure Bump. They are a really nice quality for a really nice price. I was going on and on about the Cyberglass Felicity with a friend of mine who said, ” I love that glass dildo. Most glass products are so expensive, but this one is inexpensive, yet feels like some of the higher end glass dildos.” So there you have it, two kinky women agree these dildos are the way to go!

A Good Quickie

Mz Berlin is a friend of mine, as you know. She’s sexy, she’s intelligent, she’s dorky, she’s funny, she loves Lolcats, and sensory deprivation with her Dom, The Mad Scientist. She also has a little clips store that is well worth your time. Of course you can see porn for free, duh. I’m not stupid. I know this. You can also eat for free if you want to dumpster dive. This is the equivalent of eating in the restaurant rather than digging through the scraps. Take your pick and give a click. It’s a mixture of content from her younger days and also current content that she creates herself. And as she says, “I made it just for you.”

A Good Calling Card

I really need to have new calling cards made. Badly. So does everybody I know. Lately it’s been the topic of conversation amongst my friends. When Thursday’s Child suggested Moo Cards, I instantly knew I had to pass that site along in the Good Things List this week. It is definitely where I am going to order my cards from (payday… payday…) Oh, by the way - I get nothing from them for saying this - I just think their site is very cool.

A Good Deed

Now you can do a good deed and get off at the same time! It doesn’t really get better than that. Seriously. Take a look at “Adopt a Child” by Sinless Touch. I’m not affiliated with them, but I saw a press release on AVN (Adult Video Network) recently and looked into it and it’s the real deal. It says on their site:

During checkout, you have the option to round up your purchases and donate electronic “spare change” to a charitable cause. One of the reasons that people don’t donate is because they don’t have enough time, so we have tired to make it easy for you. During your checkout you decide how much to round up your total, and the donation is included in your payment.
With your generous donations, we have committed to adopting children worldwide. We will maintain a profile of each child and their life for all to follow and see how we are all making a difference.

A Good Rigger

A rigger is a bondage artist. S/he ties knots intricately for BDSM scenes using Nawa Shibari as well as other bondage art techniques. Professional riggers are employed by companies like and often are themselves players in the scene (take Claire Adams, for example). Some are just there to tie up the willing victim. Some are there to create bondage art for bondage art photography. Ms. Nikki Nefarious was voted the #3 Rigger in the 2008 Bondage Awards. That’s right, my Nikki, the genius behind Altered Aperture, the award winning rigger ties up Catalina all the time. How fucking lucky am I?!?! Nikki’s recent separation from Social Kink has made her more available for freelance work. Now’s your chance!

A Good Way To Distract Yourself

I might be the last one alive to have signed up already for Twitter, my profile is CatalinaLoves, but I’m now officially addicted. I even have the little Twitterfox plug in for Firefox and now I can play with all my blogger friends and fellow kinksters and perverts all day long while I’m supposed to be working! If I could figure it out, I would add a little Twitter widget to Catalina Loves, but I haven’t figured it out yet. I could also, apparently, get updates on my cell phone, but again, not quite that cool. Funny, I can tell you how to write code, but I can’t get Twitter technology to work.

Well, that’s about it - anything more and I’ll just be looking for good things. These are all good things that I’ve found, stumbled upon, or was pointed to. I’d rather have a short list of good things that are really good than a big long list of crap I hunted for on Friday night at 9:33 pm (the current time here in Charlotte, NC).

Just a little shameless self-promotion — I’d like to think that my blogs are all good things, so just a little reminder to take a peek. I also just started writing at and I will contribute on the blog at Into The Attic as well. Soon all of the best sex bloggers and erotic photographers will collaborate on a very big project I am managing - so keep an ear out for news about that! And now, it’s time for my date with MDS.

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