Forced Orgasms For Sarah Blake. Love,

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Who likes forced orgasms? This bondage blog does! Hell, yes. Sarah Blake does too, as does Look at those tortured nipples, wax hardening, clamps pulling. It’s a thing of beauty. If you like the images here, you should should visit Device Bondage. You’re a grown up (you’d better be), you know that sometimes you have to pay for what you want. You can stop trolling online for crumbs, by simply joining the sites that have the content you love. Ta da! It’s just that easy. Think about it. Oh, yeah. Device Bondage also has live shows. You can watch the session as it happens, and even contribute suggestions as to what should happen next. That is incredible bad ass, and well worth looking into. Once again, is ahead of the curve.

device12.jpg device112.jpg

device1111.jpg device11111.jpg

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